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One of the highly used software in the field of Binary Options Trading is the Option Bot software offered via monthly subscription for traders interested to leverage on professional knowledge or of a ‘system’ which potentially would be more accurate then ones own prediction. The Option Bot is highly reviewed on YouTube, however many of the videos and articles out there don’t simplify how it works so the user understands what he/she is buying.
One of the first things we have to understand regarding this software is that it’s not a signal, it will not advice us or signal us to perform a trade. The software is an indicator, which is completely different from a signal, and this is important to understand.

The Option Bot will not tell an investor how to trade, however it will perform technical analysis automated calculations synced with your Binary Options platform, indicating if there is an unusual price change, often referred to as moving average calculations. The Option Bot is a tool bar that sits above your platform and it’s also important to know in advance that this software only analyses the movement of currency pairs so you won’t be getting any indications for stocks, commodities or indices.

The Option Bot can be useful as it allows you to ‘out-source’ the technical analysis part of your strategy but by no means will it replace your strategy as it’s not useful by itself. Technical analysis in general is great to support your fundamental observation of the markets. The graph is directly connected with reality, therefore even what might seem like a trend might change instantly, so having both fundamental understanding of the markets along with the ability to conduct technical analysis, or using the Option Bot, is essential when applying all precautions and an in-dept strategy.

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